A few weeks ago I got a LinkedIn connection request from a fellow Indonesian software engineer. Then a few days later he asked me several questions about his software engineering career, in this article, we will share his questions on his software engineering journey and how he can do better.

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Without further ado, let’s get started. Here’s his first question.

So now I build a software engineering portfolio. But I feel stuck where to start. I am a little confused about the skills that really need to be mastered, whether the engineering principles or the technology?

February has brought us great news! Kulkul Technology team was named as the best Data Analytics Company in 2021 by SuperbCompanies! We are happy to announce that we have accumulated enough experience to be one of the leading Data Analytics Companies. The full list can be viewed on SuperbCompanies, a ratings and reviews platform that publishes unique, honest ratings of real B2B companies.

Top Data Analytics Companies in 2021

SuperbCompanies is a platform for ratings and reviews of B2B companies. Their team of independent analysts conducts a thorough analysis of companies in the marketplace, analyzing their performance, experience, reputation, customer feedback, and portfolios. We are excited…

We communicate every day, how many times you ask yourself how effective your communication is? Like any other business, communication is at the center of Kulkul. As a people-driven business, communication has always the core activity in our business, and in this article, I want to share with you how we communicate to each other both the concept and the tactical how-to.

This subject is something I repeatedly share with my team without feeling tired. I believe having the communication right is critical whether you run a big company or building a company from scratch like me.

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Debate vs. Discussion vs. Dialogue

There are three…

It’s been over one year I build Kulkul — an excellent software development agency. This journey includes grooming the team from the ground up. There are lots of ups and downs. There are lots of mistakes I learn and there are successful decisions I take as well. Today I want to share the 5 most important things I learn that I believe if I know it earlier I would be way ahead of my game. If you are an agency owner I hope it can help you. …

My old friend asked me a few days ago about what Kulkul.tech really is? She said that as a company we provide free seminars and she wondering how we get profit if what we do is providing free seminars frequently. This is a frequently asked question and my responsibility as the founder and the Chief Kul is to clarify this to you.

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Our Beginning

If you follow Kulkul.tech from the beginning you might confuse whether we are a EdTech company providing online course or a software firm providing software for our clients. For those of you that thinking we are transforming from…

I want to write this story months ago when I introduce OKR tracking in Notion a few months ago to my team. I also share how I did it in Notion in another article. To give some context, we use SMART goals at the beginning between us the leadership at Kulkul, and track the progress here and there. In various places from documents to some kind of Kanban boards.

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Months passed since the first time we set our goals. Our goals initially documented only as a list of things we want to achieve together with its metrics. Later we realized…

The end of the year is an important period for Kulkul. November and December 2019 is where I contemplating and thinking about building business and a year later become what Kulkul.tech is now.

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Since its inception, Kulkul always has a community and people at its heart. People are what makes Kulkul able to innovate in a fast-paced. This December is also special. We have several events coming soon.

CI/CD Talks

This December we start with a CI/CD talks led by Veri Ferdiansyah, the CTO of Asumsi. This event held a week ago on December 7. We discussed Circle CI and discussed when…

Kulkul.Tech Top Development Company in Indonesia

Providing excellent software solutions to global clients endows Kulkul Technology as one of the leading software solutions providers in Indonesia at GoodFirms.

About the Company:

Based in Jakarta, Indonesia, the newly established Kulkul Technology provides feasible and flexible software solutions to clients, globally, for both single-person business and large corporations, effectively and flawlessly. It is a solid remote-first firm with a strong influence on people and clear communication.

The professionals begin each project by understanding the client’s problems fully and thereafter g equipping them with suitable technology solutions that address their problems. While doing so, the company ropes in its…

There’s various version of when Kulkul.Tech founded. It can be the first time I joined Codementor (this is the first time I feel internet money and I feel very empowered). It can also be the first time I decided together with couple of volunteer and freelancers to build a business where we will “copy” the FrontendMasters business model. The FrontendMasters idea is also gone because our immaturity on building tech workshop can’t cope well with the Covid-19 pandemic — our offline event is canceled. The only thing left is my consulting client back in May 2020. …

I consider myself as Child of All Nations (borrowing the term from Pramoedya Ananta Toer: Anak Semua Bangsa). I always eager to learn new stuff. I believe that the abundance of the field of study and field of work in modern days doesn’t mean we need to always learn our field only. It means that knowledge is abundant and we can learn from each other.

In this story, I want to tell my principles on building Kulkul business.

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Last month I partially watch the Design for Developers course by Sarah Drasner in Frontend Masters. In one of the slide, she…

Abdurrachman — mpj

yet another so called software engineer. currently building @kulkultech

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